FREE In the iTunes App Store here.


PocketInspirations available for FREE now in the app store.

Suitable for all Christians and Catholics. Taken from the VirtualRosary app.

Version 1.1 now supports French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and English. More will follow.

Inspirations to keep with you where ever you and your ipod/Iphone travel. Additional seasonal and topical add ins will be made available for Lent, Easter, Holy Week, Family, Advent, Relationships and more.

If you have a preference for a particular Inspiration please send it to us. We hope to make available selected FREE  user favourites and requests.

PocketInspirations can optionally integrate to your Facebook or twitter accounts to tell your friends how long you spend reading prayers showing your faith.

Gesture controls allow your finger  to slide left and right between Inspirations



The Inspirations module from our VirtualRosary app FREE and now available standalone.

Add themed content for Lent, Easter and Holy Week, family, health, marriage  etc.

Tweet and tell  FaceBook friends how much prayer reading you do.